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Mini Cooper vs. house crash leads to DUI charges

Whether an individual lives here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, attempting to flee from police is never advisable. Not only does it lead to criminal charges, it also puts everyone at risk. One of the first things officers look for when chases end is a reason why. In some cases, police suspect the driver involved of DUI.

When do most DUIs occur?

If you see more cops around the streets than usual and there is no local event going on, they are on the lookout for drunk drivers. Because there have been so many DUI incidents over the years around different times, they now know the best times of the days, weeks and months to put additional resources on the roads of Pennsylvania.

Be armed with knowledge if stopped on suspicion of DUI

No one anticipates being stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence. Most Pennsylvania drivers know that when they got their driver's licenses they agreed to submit to a breath test when requested by a police officer. When it comes to officers requesting participation in field sobriety tests during a DUI stop, most people believe they are also legally obligated to participate in those tests as well.

Woman to be resentenced on DUI charges

Following a criminal conviction and sentencing, options may still be available to overturn the verdict or lessen the consequences. One woman recently had her 4- to 10-year prison sentence for a DUI resulting in a pedestrian's death overturned by a Pennsylvania appeals court. However, her punishment may still remain the same under the ruling of the Superior Court, despite the fact the court ruled her sentence was illegal.

Repeat DUI offenders law moves through Pennsylvania legislature

Part of the beauty and frustration of the law is that it is fluid and changes often. State legislatures, including the one here in Pennsylvania, pass new laws or amend others when needed. One of the most recent laws moving through the state's legislature has to do with repeat DUI offenders.

Did St. Patrick's Day festivities lead to DUI?

St. Patrick's Day is known for its libations. Green beer, Guiness and other Irish alcoholic beverages make an appearance at numerous establishments across the country on that day, including many here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the holiday's festivities may have put one man's future in jeopardy now that he faces DUI charges.

Fewer teens are being arrested for DUI here in Pennsylvania

Most Pennsylvania parents spend a great deal of time worrying about their teens, especially once they are able to drive. Adding to those concerns may be the possibility that some of those teens could be drinking and driving. Fortunately, one study indicates that teenagers are involved in fewer DUI arrests and accidents involving alcohol.

Does DUI blood-alcohol test refusal fee violate USSC ruling?

Most Pennsylvania residents are already aware that they face a driver's license suspension if they refuse to take a breath test during a traffic stop if a police officer suspects impairment. What they may not yet be aware of is that beginning on Jan. 11 the state intends to institute a pretty hefty fee for those convicted of DUI who refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test. One issue that may arise because of this new law is that it could violate a ruling issued by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Man faces DUI and other charges after police chase

With today's tense political environment and the media coverage of violence and disharmony across the country, it may be understandable that ordinary citizens are sometimes reluctant to deal with police officers. This may also be a good reason for building a solid defense against criminal charges, even those resulting from a traffic stop. One young man encountered Pennsylvania police on a recent evening and is now facing DUI and other charges.

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