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Estate and probate law are about more than rich, older people

When Pennsylvania residents are young, they may not be able to see a time when they are not. In some ways, that is an admirable trait -- they only see the future in snippets and smaller goals. As they achieve them, they move on to new and bigger goals. However, when it comes to estate and probate law, it is less about being older and richer, and more about planning for an unknown future.

Estate planning mistakes could make probate more challenging

The last thing that most Pennsylvania residents want is to make life more challenging for their family members after they pass away. For this reason, they engage in estate planning in order to get their affairs in order so that loved ones have an easier time wrapping up the estate. However, if mistakes are made during the process, it could complicate the probate process.

Financial planning following the death of a parent

You've laid your parent to rest and are now tasked with managing the estate they have left behind. Unfortunately, estate planning never came up in conversation and you are unsure of where you should start. What are the first items of business that should be taken care of?

Fixing common mistakes can prevent estate and probate law issues

With so many details to cover, it's easy to miss a step or make a mistake when estate planning. This can lead to major complications when administering an estate under Pennsylvania estate and probate law. Luckily, by paying careful attention to estate plans earlier in life, adults can resolve these issues before they cause conflict or confusion after they pass away.

How you title your property directly affects the probate process

Like many other Pennsylvania residents, when you began pondering how to structure your estate plan, you considered how to make sure that your surviving family members have access to much-needed assets as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this goal, you may want to make sure that many, if not all, of your assets do not have to go through the probate process. In most cases, the key is in how you title your property.

Consider what happens after distribution when estate planning

Taking care of family members beyond death is crucial to many Pennsylvania residents. This often comes through in estate planning as people leave instructions for how their assets are to be distributed to those they love. The primary goal of any estate plan is often to make sure that the person creating it retains control over who receives what upon death.

Streamlining life in anticipation of probate

Through the years, many Pennsylvania residents accumulate personal items, accounts and other assets that they intend to pass on to their loved ones some day. The problem is that during the probate process, all of those assets must be sifted through, organized and somehow either disposed of or distributed. No matter how good a person's intentions may be, leaving a multitude of items for grieving family members to deal with may not be the best solution.

Don't neglect a living trust during estate planning

Figuring out the best way to provide for loved ones after death is not always an easy journey for many Pennsylvania residents. When they embark on estate planning, they may find that one way to make sure family members have access to what they need as quickly as possible is through the use of a living trust. The problem is that some people fail to make full use of their trusts by executing them and them putting them away for safekeeping.

What makes up an estate? Is probate the best way to pass it on?

Most Pennsylvania residents spend their working years taking care of their loved ones and accumulating property and debts. At some point, nearly all of them need to think about what will happen to their loved ones, their debts and their property after death. What exactly makes up an estate? Is probate really the best way to dispose of and distribute everything when the time comes?

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