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5 Reasons To Stay Off Social Media During Divorce

Over the last few years, more people than ever have started getting social on the internet. Where Facebook and Twitter were once looked down upon as things kids used for distractions, now accomplished adults are sharing photos of their weekend trips and keeping their friends up-to-date on their plans.

Preparing children for an upcoming divorce

Any couple going through a breakup has to deal with telling others about the split and processing this news with the people in their lives. For married couples with children, the most important audience for this news is the shared children from the marriage.

The pros and cons of moving out before a divorce

When a couple determined that their marriage is working out, one might take the initiative and move out of the house before the divorce is final. It is understandable why many spouses in DuBois would want to do this, as it would be awkward and uncomfortable to come home and keep living with your soon-to-be ex every day until the divorce.

Do you need an attorney to help with your family law issues?

Most people here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere go about their lives never needing the assistance of an attorney. Perhaps this is why they hesitate to enlist the advice and assistance of one when issues arise within their families. Of course, many people consider hiring an attorney if their marriages end, but family law encompasses much more than just divorce.

Parenting plans: A particularly challenging part of family law

Sure, divorce involves a variety of issues that Pennsylvania couples need to resolve such as property division, spousal support and child support. Even so, you may agree with many other divorcing couples that dealing with child custody and parenting plans may constitute a particularly challenging aspect of family law. Both parents want to be as involved in their children's lives as possible despite the end of the marriage. Making that happen could take some work and planning.

Family law issues don't end with a final divorce settlement

Whether a couple came to a final settlement through mediation, collaborative divorce or in court, the parties probably spent a great deal of time painstakingly advocating for their individual financial futures. Once all the paperwork is signed and the court has closed the case, many Pennsylvania residents may believe that they have nothing more to do. The truth is that the family law issues for most couples do not end at that point. Often, more work needs to be done.

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