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Fatal car accidents a major risk for road construction workers

Road construction workers here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere face numerous risks on the job. Employers and employees alike can account for equipment issues, weather conditions and other hazards, but controlling motorists is another thing altogether. Drivers may be the biggest threat to the safety of road construction workers since the workers are continuously at risk of becoming the victims of fatal car accidents.

Officer-involved car accidents require careful review

Police officers here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere use their lights and sirens to warn other drivers of their presence or indicate that drivers need to pull off the road. Under certain circumstances, officers may break certain traffic laws if it is safe to do so. However, it is the responsibility of every officer to ensure the safety of everyone, which means that they cannot simply plow through intersections or drive at high speeds without always keeping the safety of everyone involved in mind.

Kindergarten teacher dies in Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident

Distracted, drowsy and impaired drivers rarely stop to consider how their actions may affect the lives of others. Their actions affect not only the individuals directly involved in the accidents they cause, but also the friends, family and co-workers of the victims. In some cases, whole Pennsylvania communities feel the loss when a motor vehicle accident takes the life of an innocent victim.

Personal injury issues: Did police make the right call?

Police pursuits seem to happen more often than people realize, whether they occur here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. They only tend to make the news when they involve a tragedy. If an innocent motorist ends up injured, a central issue to a personal injury claim could be whether the police made the right call when it came to pursuing the alleged suspect vehicle.

Motorcyclists risk life and limb in motor vehicle accidents

Warmer weather here in Pennsylvania often means more motorcycles on the roads. Their maneuverability, gas mileage and sense of freedom make them popular to a lot of people. Less popular are the risks that come with riding a motorcycle. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in loss of life or limb for the one riding the motorcycle.

Futures are cut short by fatal auto accidents

Any loss of life in car crashes is tragic whether they occur here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. However, when victims of fatal auto accidents are just starting their lives and have nothing but the future ahead of them, the loss may seem even sadder. When a young person is denied a future due to the negligence of another person, it can be downright devastating.

Personal injury claims: Drivers may not be solely liable

Pennsylvania parents often entrust their children to strangers. Every time parents sign permission slips for their children to take a school-sponsored trips, other people become responsible for the safety of the children. When the trust parents place in these individuals is broken, it could lead to injury-causing crashes that may result in personal injury claims being filed by rightfully upset parents.

Will accident victim file personal injury claim?

Having a mechanical issue or a flat tire on an interstate here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere can be disquieting due to the speed at which traffic flows. Even when taking as many precautions as possible such as getting as far off the road as possible and watching for hazards, it may not be enough to avoid injury. Another driver could easily put a person's life in danger due to distraction, impairment or some other behavior behind the wheel that leads to injury and the possibility of a personal injury claim.

Will personal injury claims be filed by accident victims?

Every day, Pennsylvania residents leave the relative safety of their homes in order to go to work, run errands and enjoy time with their families and friends. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the behavior of others. Suffering serious injuries due to the negligence of others can disrupt victims' lives, at least temporarily. Filing personal injury claims could provide much needed restitution for the financial losses incurred in both the present and the future.

Personal injury news: Drunk driving deaths down in Pennsylvania

The efforts of advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies seem to be paying off -- at least here in Pennsylvania. Data from PennDOT indicates that deaths due to drunk driving accidents are down in the state. Does this mean that personal injury and wrongful death claims decline as well? Perhaps not, but at least more lives are being saved than ever before.

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