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Types Of Spousal Support

The divorce process is fraught with financial stress. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to receive aid from your partner before, during or after the divorce. There are three types of support in Pennsylvania for which you can apply:

  • Spousal support is a temporary form of aid after you and your partner have separated but have not yet filed for divorce.
  • Alimony pendente lite is a form of spousal support paid during the divorce process when one spouse is unable to sustain themselves among the costs of divorce.
  • Alimony refers to the form of spousal support most people know and understand best. Alimony payments are made after a divorce when one ex-spouse is at a financial disadvantage and needs help maintaining his or her standard of living.

The attorneys of Hopkins Heltzel Attorneys at Law can discuss your eligibility for spousal support and walk you through the application process.

Eligibility For Child Support

Child support is an important option for any parent to explore. Support is awarded based upon a ratio of a child’s needs and your ability to pay for those needs. The biggest factors behind your eligibility for child support will be:

  • Your income
  • Cost of child’s insurance
  • Custody arrangements
  • Necessary care expenses

Whether you are seeking support payments or your ex-spouse is seeking child support from you, we are here to help.

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