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Thinking about filing a "strategic" divorce?

Most couples who go through the marital dissolution process do so because their relationships are not working out as they had hoped. There are, however, more couples choosing to end their marriages for tax and other financial benefits. This is called a strategic divorce, and it is an option for Pennsylvania residents who believe it is best for their family's needs. Still, it is not something a couple should rush into without understanding the potential ramifications.

Don't let divorce cost you more than it should

Ending a marriage is costly, both emotionally and financially. Most people expect this, but many may not fully realize just how costly it is. From a financial standpoint, it is possible to lessen the blow if one prepares for divorce long before it enters the picture. Pennsylvania residents can do this by having marital contracts created either before or after they say their I do's.

When parenting through divorce, do what works for your family

Numerous couples in Pennsylvania end their marriages every year. Many of them have children to consider through it all. When parenting through divorce, it is common for people to seek outside opinions on how to do so in a way that will not scar their children for life. While the advice on the subject may prove helpful for some, others may find it useless or even harmful.

Knowing how debts might affect the outcome of a divorce

Many couples in Pennsylvania and elsewhere may accumulate a significant portion of assets and debts over the course of a marriage. Should a couple decide to take separate paths in life, they may feel it vital to focus a fair amount of their energy into preparing for the process of dividing martial property. Since this process will include marital debts, understanding how outstanding financial obligations will be handled during divorce could prove vital to preparing a strategy for negotiations.

Challenges of divorce when children are involved

The decision to end a marriage is seldom one made hastily and can be made all the more difficult when there are children involved. While the couple may come to the conclusion that they can no longer remain married and decide to divorce, they will still be parents. Pennsylvania encourages parents to arrive at child custody arrangements that keep the best interests of the child in mind. 

How are student loans treated in divorce

When ending a marriage, the division of property -- both of positive and negative value -- can be a complicated affair. It is not uncommon for some Pennsylvania residents to believe that they should be able to walk away from their marriages with certain positive assets and not be held accountable for their soon-to-be ex's debts. Unfortunately, due to the nature of divorce, this may not all work out as one hopes it will.

What may happen to my business if I divorce?

Ending a marriage is one of the hardest things a person can do, even if the individual knows it is for the best. Pennsylvania residents who are business owners may be hit particularly hard as their companies are most likely to be affected if they choose to divorce. Some people may think that their companies will remain theirs following the dissolution of their marriage, but the truth is a business may be considered shared marital property -- that is, unless, proper protections are put in place well beforehand.

Pennsylvania divorce: A few things to know about child support

Ending one's marriage is not necessarily easy. There is a lot that needs to be figured out during the divorce process. For example, divorcing couples in Pennsylvania who have children will need to address child custody and support issues -- both of which are often contentious topics.

Did any of these habits contribute to you wanting a divorce?

The decision of whether to end a marriage or keep working on it can be a difficult one to make. Some problems can be worked through, while others, on the other hand, cannot. There are certain habits that may be exhibited by a spouse that nothing can change. If these habits exist in one's marriage, wanting a divorce is certainly understandable. What are these habits that may lead Pennsylvania residents to end their marriages?

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