Family law attorney can assist with remarriage prenup

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Given the statistics, it may seem inconceivable that so many divorced people in Pennsylvania and across the country marry a second or even third time. With each consecutive marriage, the odds of ending in divorce go higher, and some who remarry find themselves divorcing for the same reasons that ended their previous relationships. Nevertheless, family law advisors suggest some steps couples can take to improve their chances of staying together as well as protecting themselves if the marriage goes badly.

One important tool for a couple with previous experience at the altar is a prenuptial agreement. These contracts may be especially important for couples who have children from earlier marriages or who have unequal assets or debts. Creating a prenuptial agreement can establish protection for one’s children by ensuring they receive an inheritance that might otherwise be legally claimed by a new spouse’s children.

If the idea of protecting one’s assets from a spouse is distasteful, those considering a prenuptial agreement can focus on the immediate benefits of opening communication with a new spouse. Planning a premarital contract allows a couple to discuss financial goals, disclose any debt and begin making estate plans. These essential conversations are often lost in the headiness of falling in love and getting married.

Once the decision is made to draft a prenuptial agreement, each party should obtain individual counsel to ensure their interests are protected. A Pennsylvania family law attorney can guide an individual through the steps of preparing such an agreement as well as any estate planning options the couple may wish to explore. Even though statistics sometimes paint a gloomy picture of remarriage, not every couple has to fall victim to the negative predictions.

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