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What Is The Probate Process?

Whether your loved one had a will at the time of passing or not, his or her assets will need to be probated. However, some assets may be protected from probate depending on the estate plan.

During the probate process, the estate’s outstanding debts must be paid and its assets must be distributed to the appropriate parties. Usually a will names the heirs and what assets they should receive during probate. However, if there is no valid will, Pennsylvania law dictates who will acquire a share of the estate.

How Does A Probate Attorney Help?

Hopkins Heltzel Attorneys at Law provides a variety of estate administration services. If you have recently lost a loved one, we can assist with:

A probate attorney can help ensure that documents such as a will are properly followed and the named beneficiaries receive their assets. When there is no will, it is especially important to have a knowledgeable lawyer guiding you. We will work to uphold your loved one’s wishes for the estate.

Leave The Legal Matters To Us

Our team has over 50 years of experience helping families through difficult times. We understand that probate may not sound like a priority when you are grieving, but that is why you can entrust the process to us. We have a deep understanding of probate affairs and will handle the legal matters for you.

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