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Don't take estate planning advice from celebrities

You would think that celebrities would be more mindful of their financial status than they appear to be. So many famous people engage in no estate planning or inadequate estate planning. In either case, Pennsylvania small business owners may want to avoid emulating celebrities when it comes to sound financial planning.

Instead, it would be a good idea to create an estate plan that covers much more than just who inherits the family home. A will is a good place to start, but should probably not encompass a small business owner's entire estate plan. Other measures could be taken to help ensure the survival of the business, the passage of it to loved ones or its sale upon death.

5 Reasons To Stay Off Social Media During Divorce

Over the last few years, more people than ever have started getting social on the internet. Where Facebook and Twitter were once looked down upon as things kids used for distractions, now accomplished adults are sharing photos of their weekend trips and keeping their friends up-to-date on their plans.

As with any form of expression, social media posts have also shifted the way people are assessed during legal proceedings. What originally seemed like a harmless tweet can now be the seed that sows someone's destruction. This is especially true during divorce proceedings. Many attorneys advise their clients to stay off social media entirely during divorce, and for several good reasons.

Will Pennsylvania lawmakers pass felony DUI law?

The 2017-2018 Pennsylvania legislative session is rapidly coming to a close, along with the chance to get some bills passed. One such bill would affect the state's DUI laws. If the bill passes, some drivers already convicted of driving under the influence could end up facing felony charges instead of another misdemeanor should they be arrested for another drunk driving offense.

Pennsylvania remains one of only four states that does not have a felony DUI statute. An impaired driver currently only faces felony charges if a drunk driving-related crash results in a death. If the proposed bill passes, a fourth offense for drunk driving would be charged as a felony. If the driver's blood alcohol content is at least double the state's legal limit of .08 on a third offense, it too, may be charged as a felony.

These things could sabotage co-parenting efforts

More often these days, Pennsylvania couples choose to work together in order to continue raising their children together after a divorce. This requires parents to find a way to communicate and cooperate. Without these two elements, co-parenting may not work.

Sadly, many Pennsylvania parents sabotage their efforts to co-parent by engaging in certain behaviors. For instance, parents may take on a "fake it until you make it" attitude, knowing that over time, they may genuinely be able to cooperate and communicate with each other without as much effort. Then, they may talk badly about their former spouses in front of the children. This may be a momentary lapse, but when done in front of the children, it tends to undermine the appearance of cooperation that they provide their children.

Wonder what a revocable living trust can do?

When it comes to estate planning, Pennsylvania residents have numerous options. One of them involves using a revocable living trust. This particular document remains popular with individuals and married couples for a variety of reasons.

Most people are aware that by putting property into a trust, it does not need to go through probate upon the benefactor's death. This provides one of the major distinctions between passing property through a will versus through a trust. Another distinction is that the assets in the trust are not counted as part of the decedent's estate for tax purposes. In addition, the details of the trust remain private, whereas the details of a will may be discovered through a search of court records.

Preparing children for an upcoming divorce

Any couple going through a breakup has to deal with telling others about the split and processing this news with the people in their lives. For married couples with children, the most important audience for this news is the shared children from the marriage.

Approaching the topic of divorce with kids should not be a rushed, hurried process for a divorcing couple. The manner in which you and your co-parent handle this process can have lasting effects on the children for years to come. When safe and possible to do so, take time and use resources to prepare to share this life-changing news with your kids.

The pros and cons of moving out before a divorce

When a couple determined that their marriage is working out, one might take the initiative and move out of the house before the divorce is final. It is understandable why many spouses in DuBois would want to do this, as it would be awkward and uncomfortable to come home and keep living with your soon-to-be ex every day until the divorce.

However, many do not take into consideration the potential consequences that could arise from the situation. Even if you might think that moving out early is beneficial for you and your spouse, it can hurt your divorce case in the long run if it is not done properly.

2017 DUI arrest numbers released by Pennsylvania State Police

Few people would argue that impaired drivers present a significant danger to everyone on the road, including the driver. For this reason, every state, including Pennsylvania, has laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Every year, the Pennsylvania State Police release reports regarding the DUI arrests made the previous year.

According to the report for 2017, troopers made 19,963 arrests for alleged drunk driving here in Pennsylvania. That represents a 1 percent increase from the prior year. It was not indicated whether those arrests were for cases involving suspected alcohol or drug use. Driving while impaired by drugs is not limited to illegal ones; it also includes over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Fatal car accidents a major risk for road construction workers

Road construction workers here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere face numerous risks on the job. Employers and employees alike can account for equipment issues, weather conditions and other hazards, but controlling motorists is another thing altogether. Drivers may be the biggest threat to the safety of road construction workers since the workers are continuously at risk of becoming the victims of fatal car accidents.

A family continues to mourn the loss of a road construction worker killed by a hit-and-run driver on Aug. 21. The incident happened on Interstate 90 here in Pennsylvania. The injuries she suffered when the vehicle struck her turned out to be fatal. According to reports, she worked with her father for a company doing contract work for PennDOT. She was struck as she worked on a guardrail installing a cable barrier.

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