Man accused of DUI after 7-vehicle accident

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Tragic accidents may leave people wondering why, and often the answer to that question is never found. When a Pennsylvania accident is believed to be the result of a DUI, it may seem all the more tragic because it was preventable. For a driver accused of this crime, the future may be uncertain. One man is now in such a situation after losing control of his vehicle.

Recently, a 73-year-old man died after being struck by a van while standing beside his car. The man was one of numerous people who went to the hospital with injuries following the multi-vehicle accident. Reports describe the chaotic scene, beginning with a 32-year-old driver heading south when his van collided with a parked car. That car then hit a third vehicle.

Meanwhile, the van continued across the median and struck the car near where the 73-year-old man was standing, fatally injuring the man. The van continued south until it struck another parked car and a vehicle in the northbound travel lane before crossing back to the southbound lane. The van struck one more vehicle before becoming disabled. At this point, police say the 32-year-old driver attempted to exit the vehicle through the rear door.

Police arrested the man for DUI but have not formally charged him. However, he undoubtedly faces serious charges following the death of one person and the injuries of three others. Pennsylvania courts take drunk driving seriously, and a conviction could carry harsh consequences. For the best possible outcome in such situations, those facing DUI charges would benefit from legal assistance.

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