Common issues bring couples to family law court

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, within the first five years of marriage, 20 percent of couples have already separated. As the years pass, more couples part ways until more than half are no longer together. While some researchers strive to find deep-rooted causes of divorce, psychologists may agree that every couple typically goes through the same kinds of difficulties. Some Pennsylvania couples find their marriages strengthened by the trials, and others find themselves seeking divorces in family law court.

When couples are incompatible to begin with or grow apart over the years, it may become more and more difficult for them to find common ground. They may find their arguments increasing in intensity or their resentment lasting longer. Some serious issues that can come between a couple may include religion or deciding where to live. Addiction is another factor that frequently drives a wedge between spouses.

Infidelity and financial struggles are two commonly cited causes for divorce. A couple who struggles to make ends meet or who cannot agree on how to use their money may spend a lot of time and energy in conflict. Finally, when one spouse is unfaithful, whether in a long-term affair or a one-night stand, trust in the relationship may be irreparably broken. Some couples can survive this betrayal, but others cannot.

Although each couple’s ability to weather the many potential storms in a relationship may vary, the constant is that divorce can be a painful, complex procedure. Many struggle to overcome their emotions to make sound decisions that will carry them through the years ahead. With the help of a family law attorney, those in Pennsylvania who are planning to divorce can be assured of receiving solid advice and compassionate guidance.

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