How to stay safe on the interstate

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Many people in Clearfield, Elk and Jefferson counties believe driving on the interstate is easier than the roads, but there are individuals who believe otherwise. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, there is no disputing the fact that car accidents happen on the interstate every day. Many accident victims are not fortunate enough to drive away with little to no damage to their vehicles. Some accident victims sustain severe injuries, while others die. 

It is not always possible to predict when car and truck accidents will occur, but you can adjust your driving actions and take the following interstate driving tips into consideration to lessen the chances of you being involved in one. 

Do not speed 

Speeds are higher on the interstate, and it may seem as if there are fewer traffic enforcement officers about. Regardless of how fast all other vehicles are going, adhere to the posted speed limits. They are the fastest safe speeds vehicles can travel with minimal risk of harm. If you travel faster than the posted speed limits, you risk colliding with other vehicles and the medians, and you also risk other motorists crashing into you. 

Avoid the left lanes 

If you plan to drive slowly or do not intend to pass other vehicles, stay in the right lane. The left lanes are for passing vehicles traveling at faster speeds. If you drive in those lanes, you risk being rear-ended by other motorists. 

Extend road courtesies 

Certain driving behaviors are considered courtesies, such as not riding another vehicle’s bumper and yielding the right away to other motorists who need to merge and get over. Many drivers do not practice these courtesies and often find themselves on the receiving end of road rage or in collisions with drivers who decided to force them to let them over. Be polite and respect other motorists by extending proper road courtesies. 

Use your mirrors 

Use your mirrors all the time, not just when you need to change lanes. Your car’s mirrors enable you to see all around you so you can avoid accidents with other drivers. 

Never get behind the wheel when you are too tired to pay attention. Avoid distractions and follow all traffic rules regardless of if you are on the streets or interstate to help keep them safe and to avoid motor vehicle crashes.

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