Man facing DUI charges after two accidents

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In Pennsylvania, a driver involved in a traffic accident may be taken to the local jail for a blood alcohol test if officers suspect the driver has been drinking. Although it may take weeks for the test results to come back to implicate or exonerate the driver, he or she may spend that time worrying about the future. A DUI conviction often carries serious consequences that could negatively affect a person for years. One man may be experiencing that concern following a recent accident.

On a recent Tuesday night, police were called to the scene of an accident at an intersection. There were no injuries reported, and the vehicle on the scene showed only minor damage. However, the other vehicle had apparently left the scene before police arrived.

Soon after, police received a call that a second collision had occurred at another intersection a few miles away. This accident caused significant damage to both vehicles, a pickup truck and another vehicle police believed to be involved in the first accident. The driver of the pickup truck was transported to the hospital to have his injuries evaluated. Police arrested the other driver.

It is not clear why police believe the same driver was responsible for both accidents, but media reports say Pennsylvania police may have charged the man with DUI. Police also apparently refused to comment about the reports that the man had fled the scene of the first accident. Meanwhile, when drivers await the charges that may follow a positive BAC test, they will certainly benefit from the advice of an attorney at the earliest opportunity.

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