Personal injury: Pennsylvania accident results in fatality

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Most anyone who drives or rides in a motor vehicle is aware of the potential of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, when drivers follow traffic signs and obey the speed limits, the chances of being involved in an accident could be reduced. Unfortunately, the family of a deceased man may be considering their options — including consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney — following an accident in Pennsylvania that reportedly caused the man’s death.

The incident happened at approximately 2 a.m. on a day in late January. According to reports, the 26-year-old victim was the passenger in a vehicle. Police believe that the driver of the vehicle was speeding and failed to stop at an intersection before the vehicle crashed into a retaining wall.

The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene approximately an hour after the incident happened. His death was determined to have been caused by injuries suffered in the accident. Police declined to comment on the driver of the vehicle, only stating that the incident has been referred to the district attorney’s office.

Unfortunately, a family is now left mourning the unexpected death of their loved one. For many, this includes coping with funeral expenses and lost wages in addition to their grief. Many in Pennsylvania who lose a loved one in such an accident face an uncertain financial future, prompting them to file a personal injury lawsuit. If it can be proved that their loved one’s death was the result of another’s negligence, they could be awarded damages to help offset the financial consequences of their loss.

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