Will accident victim file personal injury claim?

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Having a mechanical issue or a flat tire on an interstate here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere can be disquieting due to the speed at which traffic flows. Even when taking as many precautions as possible such as getting as far off the road as possible and watching for hazards, it may not be enough to avoid injury. Another driver could easily put a person’s life in danger due to distraction, impairment or some other behavior behind the wheel that leads to injury and the possibility of a personal injury claim.

For example, sometime before 12:30 p.m., a 57-year-old man was recently forced to change a tire on the northbound side of Interstate 81. As he changed the tire, a water tank truck approached his location. For some reason, the truck veered out of its lane and slammed into the man and his vehicle.

Fortunately, the victim survived the impact, but not without suffering serious injuries. His injuries were such that emergency medical responders called in a helicopter to fly him to a hospital in the area. No information regarding his condition was available at last report. Pennsylvania State Police did not indicate what charges, if any, the driver of the water tank truck may face.

Regardless of whether the driver faces criminal charges, the victim may still pursue restitution through the filing of a personal injury claim. If the evidence proves that the victim’s injuries were the result of some negligence of the part of the other driver, the court may enter an award of damages. Any restitution received from that monetary judgment could help with any current and future medical needs the injured man may require.

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