2 ways to be proactive with DUI charges

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Many people in Du Bois believe there is nothing they can do once they receive DUI charges. Little do they realize there are things they can do before their trial date to help improve their circumstances. If you are dealing with a DUI charge, do not leave the outcome up in the air. 

Regardless of your feelings and thoughts on the matter, do not waste time; your trial date will arrive before you realize it. Here are a few pointers to help you get a better outcome: 

Do you really want to go to trial? 

Not all people who end up with DUI and criminal charges go to trial. It is possible the prosecutor may offer you a plea deal. If you accept it, you avoid going to trial. It is important for you to consider the obvious and not-so-apparent benefits and disadvantages of any plea deal you receive. If you agree to one without fully considering the ramifications, you could end up with an outcome that is worse than the one you originally faced. 

Upgrade to a private legal defense representative 

Whether it is your first time with DUI charges or not, you can benefit from working with a private attorney. You may like the idea of using a public defender because the option is cheaper, and you believe you cannot afford to hire a private defense attorney. A public defender is not always the best professional to assist you in fighting your DUI charges. 

Public defenders represent many clients at the same time. They have huge caseloads and are not necessarily able to give your case the time and attention it deserves. Also, some of them are not truly vested in their defendants’ cases. If you end up with a public defender who is more interested in closing your case, you could receive a tougher sentence and unfavorable outcome. 

Watch your behavior in the days leading up to your trial. If this is a repeat offense, you might have a problem. It can be beneficial for you to complete a treatment program. Be sure to explore all defense options, and be proactive to help improve the outcome.

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