Estate planning mistakes could make probate more challenging

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The last thing that most Pennsylvania residents want is to make life more challenging for their family members after they pass away. For this reason, they engage in estate planning in order to get their affairs in order so that loved ones have an easier time wrapping up the estate. However, if mistakes are made during the process, it could complicate the probate process.

When first creating an estate plan, most people make sure to include all of their assets in it. Even so, few people go through their entire lives without buying or selling anything. For this reason, a will needs to contain a residuary clause that lets loved ones, the executor and the courts know where any assets not accounted for in the documents should go. Such a provision helps make probate easier.

Another mistake that could cause issues for surviving family members is being too specific when it comes to bequests. Any asset specifically described in the will that no longer exists after death could cause problems. Further court action may be required in order to resolve the issue. This is yet another reason to periodically review an estate plan in order to ensure that it still accurately reflects the assets that make up the estate.

These are just two mistakes that could occur during and after estate planning. Making sure that the documents are correctly drafted and executed from the start, and that periodic reviews take place, could avoid many of the potential obstacles surviving family members could face during the probate process. Achieving these goals may be easier with the help of a Pennsylvania estate planning and probate law attorney.

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