Could you be heading toward a divorce this August?

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Every couple and family is different. Divorce happens during every month of the year, but could there be certain times of the year where more couples choose to get a divorce?

A 2016 study analyzing divorces from 2001 to 2015 shows there are two months of the year when couples file for divorce that are greater than the rest. August and March are peak times for couples to separate.

Why March and August?

Researchers suggest that couples wait to file for divorce until after the winter and summer holidays, mainly due to what it will do to the family. America places a lot of pressure on making winter holidays a perfect time for the family. Such times are “sacred,” when couples and families attempt to be closest.

However, trying to make the holidays a flawless occasion can expose issues within the family dynamic. The same theory goes for smaller holidays such as Valentine’s Day. When loved ones do not connect in the way that they imagine, it can lead to thoughts of divorce.

Summer break returns, bringing hopeful notions of family vacations intended to salvage a marriage. It is strenuous to put that much pressure on a vacation and often does not develop as expected. This outcome could lead couples to choose to part before summer ends and children need to go back to school.

Deciding to file for divorce is a complicated decision for everyone involved. Determining whether it is in your best interest is critical to reflect upon during this time.

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