Driver wreacking havoc on neighborhood suspected of DUI

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Pennsylvania residents who partake in alcoholic beverages do not always make the best decisions. Some decide to get into their vehicles and drive, which could result in disaster. Even if no one suffers any injuries, the driver could end up arrested on suspicion of DUI. However, not all reckless behavior results from the use of alcohol or drugs.

Even so, police often suspect alleged reckless drivers of driving under the influence. That may contribute to the charges facing a Pennsylvania driver after a wild ride through his neighborhood. Reports indicate the man hit several items as he drove through the community. His girlfriend reportedly attempted to take his keys from him, but ended up holding onto the outside of the vehicle as he continued driving.

Ultimately, his vehicle ended up crashing into an above ground pool. Fortunately, its occupants managed to get out in time. Police accuse the man of fighting with them when they arrested him, among other things. In addition to DUI, he could face charges of disorderly conduct, making terroristic threats and reckless driving. Despite witness accounts and the suspicions of the police, this man retains the right to challenge the charges.

Regardless of the circumstances, an individual accused of crimes such as DUI retain the right to review all of the evidence that prosecutors intend to present to the court and to confront any witnesses against them in court. Another crucial right that everyone accused of a crime may want to take advantage of is the right to an attorney. Navigating the criminal justice system alone could result in missing out on legal options that could provide the best outcome to the situation possible.

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