Mini Cooper vs. house crash leads to DUI charges

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Whether an individual lives here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, attempting to flee from police is never advisable. Not only does it lead to criminal charges, it also puts everyone at risk. One of the first things officers look for when chases end is a reason why. In some cases, police suspect the driver involved of DUI.

Police suspect alcohol played a significant factor in a high-speed chase that ended with the vehicle slamming into a residence on July 4. Around 11 a.m., troopers with the Pennsylvania State Police began pursuing a Mini Cooper traveling at speeds upward of 80 mph northbound on Interstate 83. The car then got off the interstate and eventually wound up in a residential neighborhood.

The driver ended up losing control of the Mini Cooper, which then tumbled through some yards and into the side of a home before coming to a stop. Video cameras in the area caught the crash on tape. The driver was lucky enough to escape injury but not arrest. Now, he faces numerous criminal charges and summary violations, including DUI.

With the crash “caught on tape,” little room for doubt regarding the accident exists. However, just because police suspect the driver of being intoxicated does not automatically lead to a conviction for DUI. All of the circumstances surrounding the pursuit, the crash and the arrest will need to be reviewed to ensure that police followed proper procedures and did not violate any of his rights.

Only then can this man’s options become clear. Any Pennsylvania resident may want to employ the same strategy when facing similar DUI charges. An accident may end up being recorded for the court to view, but as for the question of impairment, it may not be quite as obvious.

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