Motorcyclists risk life and limb in motor vehicle accidents

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Warmer weather here in Pennsylvania often means more motorcycles on the roads. Their maneuverability, gas mileage and sense of freedom make them popular to a lot of people. Less popular are the risks that come with riding a motorcycle. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in loss of life or limb for the one riding the motorcycle.

For example, late in the afternoon on a recent Sunday, a motorcyclist was killed. As he rode, a pickup truck pulled into his path and hit the motorcycle. The 37-year-old man riding the bike was thrown off it.

Police closed off the roadway for hours as officers conducted an on-scene investigation and the debris was cleared. So far, the driver of the pickup truck has not been charged in connection with the crash, but the last report indicates that the investigation remained ongoing. The driver could still face charges depending on its outcome.

In the meantime, the motorcycle rider’s family is more than likely grieving his loss. Surviving family members may be incurring expenses related to his funeral and burial, along with any last medical expenses at his time of death. Perhaps he had family members who relied on him for an income.

Whatever the case, a wrongful death claim could be filed against the pickup truck driver seeking compensation for the losses associated with the crash and the death of their loved one. As would be the case in other motor vehicle accidents, family members could pursue damages allowable under Pennsylvania law. In order to increase the chances of a successful claim, it may help to gain an understanding of the rights and legal options available before proceeding.

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