Kindergarten teacher dies in Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident

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Distracted, drowsy and impaired drivers rarely stop to consider how their actions may affect the lives of others. Their actions affect not only the individuals directly involved in the accidents they cause, but also the friends, family and co-workers of the victims. In some cases, whole Pennsylvania communities feel the loss when a motor vehicle accident takes the life of an innocent victim.

A recent collision took the life of a woman who lives here in Pennsylvania. Officials report that as she drove the streets near her home on a recent Friday, a driver sharing the road with the woman somehow drifted into her lane and struck her vehicle. The injuries the unsuspecting woman suffered in the crash ended up being too much for her body to handle. She died as a result.

The woman was a kindergarten teacher. She was close to some of the other teachers at the Frederick County, Maryland school where she taught. They considered her a friend as well as a co-worker, and they are attempting to grieve her loss and regain some sense of normalcy for themselves and her students. She was married and had five children, all girls.

This motor vehicle accident took this woman from her friends, co-workers and family members. However, those who will more than likely feel the brunt of the loss are the husband and children she left behind. As would be the case for other grieving families here in Pennsylvania, the surviving family may seek some justice and restitution for their loss through the filing of a wrongful death claim against the other driver. If the evidence leads to a monetary judgment for the family, any restitution could help with the financial losses associated with her death.

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