A few things to remember when navigating the divorce process

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Pennsylvania residents who are ready to end their marriages may not be fully prepared for the dissolution process. There is a lot to it and going into unprepared can cause quite a few problems. Here are a few things everyone who is getting ready to navigate the divorce process need to remember.

First, let’s cover a list of do’s. The most important item on the do list is do be reasonable. Those who go into their divorce proceedings being reasonable and cooperative often walk away with a better settlement in a shorter time frame than those who are unwilling to compromise. Other do’s include:

  • Do some research: Doing a little research will allow one to know what they may expect to end up with in terms of support, custody and asset division.
  • Do disclose assets: There are those who try to hide assets, but doing so is illegal and unfair to the other party. Disclosing all assets ensures everything is on the table so each party can receive their fair share.
  • Do look into divorce options: Litigation is not always necessary when going through a divorce. There are other ways to go about ending one’s marriage.

Now, let’s cover the list of do not’s. The most important item on this list is do not let anger and frustration run the show. When this happens, mistakes are made that can affect the final divorce settlement. Do not violate any temporary terms. Finally, do not go through the process alone.

Pennsylvania residents can help themselves by seeking out experienced legal counsel to assist them through the divorce process. Not all divorce cases are created equal. They all have issues that are unique to each particular couple. Legal counsel can help one work through the issues and walk away from the marriage with a fair and balanced settlement agreement.

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