Parental mental health matters when figuring out child custody

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When you are going through the divorce process, it is normal to have a million questions — particularly if you have children. For instance, you want to know what your child custody arrangement will look like. The state of Pennsylvania leans toward awarding shared custody when possible, but there are reasons that custody may be denied to one parent — such as if their mental health is a concern.

Mental illness is a big issue in the United States. Millions of people live with varying degrees of mental health concerns. Some are able to live normal lives with medication and therapy, and others are not. Numerous individuals choose to forgo treatment because they are afraid of what admitting to mental health issues could mean for their ability to keep custody of their children. This only hurts them in the long run.

If you are preparing to go through the divorce process and you have a mental health issue or your spouse does, it is okay to question what this could mean for your children. You want to make sure they are in a good place. You want to make sure they are safe and have the ability to continue to grow their relationships with you and their other parent. How your child custody arrangements work out in the end will depend on the severity of the health issue.

If this is an issue in your divorce, legal counsel can help you find the best way to approach it. The state of Pennsylvania will not automatically deny child custody to a parent with a mental illness. There has to be sufficient cause to do that. To learn more about how the state determines child custody and how a family law attorney can help you achieve a custody arrangement that works for your family, please take a minute and visit our firm’s website.

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