Why you should never pursue a DIY divorce

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Divorce is more prevalent in some areas of Pennsylvania than in others. According to a recent analysis, Jefferson County has the highest divorce rate in the state, with 155 divorces occurring in the last year even though the county only has a population of 43,461. 

It is paramount to pursue divorce the right way. It will already span a long time, especially if you and your spouse hold significant assets together. You can substantially extend the legal proceedings if you make certain mistakes, such as choosing a DIY divorce. You may think that you have done yourself a favor, but the truth is that you have only created more hassle. 

Constant hold-ups

The filing requirements for divorce are the same throughout Pennsylvania. However, each county still has its own specific details that you need to abide by. If you are unfamiliar with these details, you can end up making a mistake that delays the process. You could end up spending months trying to submit the paperwork, so you end up waiting months longer to start the process than if you had simply gotten an attorney to handle these details for you. 

Fair division of assets

Divorces become complicated when couples have property to split and children to take care of. When couples do not have a house or children together, they may think that DIY is the way to go. Even in this instance, you probably have more marital assets together than you realize. It will still work in your favor to have legal counsel advise you along the way. 

Zero guidance

Most DIY divorce kits you find online have paperwork that is free to the public, but they often lack substantial information. That said, having someone in your corner to help guide you throughout the proceedings can be a major asset. You will have a lot on your plate during a divorce, and you can make things much easier by hiring the right people to help you. 

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