How will divorce affect your standard of living?

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Even if you make all the right moves before and during the divorce process, it will impact your future in a variety of ways. Understanding how divorce will affect your standard of living allows you to prepare accordingly.

Here are some things you need to think about:

  • You’re now part of a one-income family: You may be used to two paychecks coming into your home, but that’s all changed. Now, you’re the only person providing for yourself, so you need to plan your future with this in mind. Depending on how much you earn and spend, this could result in major changes to the way you live.
  • Your budget: This goes along with the point above, as your new budget should reflect your current financial circumstances. Alter your budget to reflect your new life, paying close attention to how much you earn and whether it’s enough to cover all your monthly expenses.
  • Reduce your expenses: If your expenses total more than your income, search for ways to balance this out. For example, if you have a super-expensive car payment, it may be the right time to opt for a more economical vehicle. It’s not necessarily a change you want to make, but it’s the best for your finances for the time being.
  • You may pay or receive child support and/or alimony: Some people receive one or both of these, while others are ordered by the court to pay. Understanding your situation is imperative to stabilizing your finances. For instance, if you receive child support every month, it’s easier for you to provide your children with everything they need. Conversely, if you’re required to pay child support, you must budget accordingly.

There’s a very good chance that divorce will affect your standard of living. Even if things remain relatively the same to what you’re used to, your life is changing in many ways around you.

As you move through your divorce, don’t lose sight of the future. This will ensure that you take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights with regard to property and debt division, spousal support and child support.

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