Are you making child custody difficult?

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They say time heals everything, but if you have recently got divorced, you may be hoping the clock spins a little faster. Most people come out of a divorce with some wounds to show. It is easy to feel bitter or angry. If you have children, controlling those raw emotions is essential to avoid harming your kids.

Here are some ways that you can damage your kids when your feelings overflow:

  • Being obstinate: “I don’t care if you have an important work meeting. The child custody agreement says you pick them up at 6 p.m. on a Friday, so you had better be there or else.”
  • Being vindictive: “I’m sorry, did I forget to tell you that Joey was starring in the school play last night?”
  • Using the kids to run messages: “Tell your dad that if he does not put the money in the bank by tomorrow, I am calling the police.”
  • Talking badly about the other parent: “I have no idea what I saw in your father, your pet rabbit has more sense than that man, and it’s more faithful.”
  • Emotionally blackmailing your kids: “I know you are supposed to see your father this weekend, but I thought we could see your favorite show, just the two of us. You want to don’t you? Or do you want me to ask Malcolm instead?”

Creating a workable child custody agreement is essential for your children. While implementing it can be tough at times, doing so will result in more well-rounded kids. An experienced family lawyer can help you draw up your plan, and if it is not working, they can help you modify it.

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