The emotional impact of divorce is varied and wide

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Most people recognize that a divorce is going to mean that there are a lot of changes in their life. What they may not realize is that they will likely deal with several unexpected emotional losses that come from the split. Some of these might occur right away but others may not be evident for a while. 

Even if you wanted the divorce or knew it was coming, you’re likely going to go through some of these. It’s tempting to try to just ignore them but that can make it worse. Instead, try to address each one as it comes along so you aren’t too overwhelmed as they accumulate. 

One of the losses that you might not ever think you’ll deal with is losing your best friend. You may have once thought of your ex as your best friend when you got together. Slowly, the feeling might have abated but now that they aren’t around to share things with you, the loss might be noticeable. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when you may also lose some other friends who can’t cope with the divorce.

You may also reel from the reduction in the time you can spend with your children. When you and their other parent lived together, you were able to spend as much time as possible with them. Now that they are splitting time between two homes, you’re more limited in how much time you can spend with them. Focus on the quality of the time you have together instead of the quantity. 

Another loss you’ll deal with has to do with finances. You’ll have to pay all the household bills with your own income. You won’t have that other person’s help to get these taken care of. 

The divorce settlement you have can impact your future. Think carefully about the options you have so that you can do what you feel is in your best interests. 

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