How should you handle dividing your children’s items in divorce?

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As you go through your divorce, you will need to divide up your marital assets. Something you and your spouse may not have realized is that your children’s items are considered to be marital assets as well. In the majority of cases, the items provided to your children in your family home are considered to be your property, which can make dividing them up a little complicated.

Part of what makes it hard to divide up your children’s assets is that they may be living in two homes now. As a result, it is important for you and the other parent to talk about where those assets will go. You may not consider them to be of value to you in the same way as other large assets that you share, but they are certainly important to your child.

It’s a wise choice to sit down and talk about what your children are going to need in each home and to try to divide those assets in a fair way. For example, if you earn more than your spouse and can afford to purchase new bedroom furniture, then it may be fair to leave your children’s old furniture in their possession moving forward. Similarly, if there are gaming systems or items that you purchased for your children specifically, you might request that those go to your home.

Dividing property is always a little bit complex, but when it involves the items that your children’s needs, then that can be harder. It may be a good idea to ask your children where they want to have certain items, leaving their belongings to them rather than using them in your own negotiations.

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