3 ways to guide your children through divorce

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Maybe you were careful to never argue in front of your children leading up to your divorce. Or maybe your children are older and have noticed that their parents haven’t been getting along lately. In either scenario, your children might not be able to easily understand why you’ve made the decision to end your marriage.

Since divorce can be difficult for children to comprehend, it’s important for parents to be a guide through the entire process.

Develop a collaborative mindset

Leading up to your divorce, tension might be present and high between you and your spouse. But working as a team may help your children feel more comfortable as you approach your settlement. Besides, if you practice being an amicable co-parent before you officially separate, then you can set a standard for how you hope to work together well after your divorce.

Keep consistency in mind

One way you can convince your children that everything will be alright is by not giving them any mixed messages. Stick to the same storyline as you explain why you are going to get a divorce and what life after divorce will look like. Painting a close-to-accurate picture of what moving, parenting time and custody exchanges mean for them can help them feel more prepared for what’s to come.

Monitor your child’s emotions

You might take mindful measures to prepare your child for the divorce. However, you will want to make sure your child is handling their new normal with ease after the separation is official. Some signs your child might be suffering emotionally might include:

  • Getting into trouble at school
  • Dwelling on the past
  • Feeling physically ill often

Even the happiest of kids can feel negative emotions, so it’s crucial that you check in with your little ones often. That way if something seems off, you can comfort them sooner rather than later.


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