Be careful on social media during child custody proceedings

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If you are like most Pennsylvania residents, you spend some of your time connecting with family and friends on social media outlets. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to remain current about what is happening with your loved ones. Such outlets can provide you with a place to vent about events in your own life as well.

When you are getting divorced or engaged in child custody proceedings with your co-parent, the way you use social media outlets can work against you. Your co-parent and his or her lawyer can dredge up just about everything that you post on these outlets. Our attorneys have seen this happen and wish to help you avoid the hardships that social media use can create.

Below are several tips for you to consider when using Facebook or other platforms.

  • Never say negative things about your ex online
  • Never complain about your kids, even jokingly
  • Never post images of new purchases or luxury expenditures
  • Never talk about your divorce or child custody proceedings
  • Never post about a new romance or flirt online
  • Never create a dating profile on any website
  • Never unfriend or block your ex and his or her family members

Once your divorce is complete and you have resolved your child custody issues, you can return to the online world with relative freedom. It is also important to follow the guidance an attorney can provide until after your divorce. Doing so helps you preserve your custody rights and keeps you from making errors that could harm your standing as a fit parent for your kids.

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