Going away? Virtual visitation could still give you time with your kids

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If you planned to share custody of your children but are offered a job in a different state or have to take regular business trips, you may not get as much time with them as you’d hoped. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to communicate with your children while you’re away, though.

One excellent option to help you stay in touch regularly and to remain a part of your children’s lives is to seek virtual visitation on a set schedule. While most people allow phone calls and other types of interactions whenever either parent wants to talk to their children, a virtual visitation plan approved by the court will guarantee those visitation hours that you’re seeking.

What makes virtual visitation great for long-distance relationships?

The great thing about virtual visitation is how varied it is. It isn’t just making a phone call or sending your child a text. With virtual visitation, you can potentially:

  • Use a video call to help your children with homework
  • Use a virtual call to eat dinner with them or watch them perform an activity at school
  • Use a live chat to talk to your child while you play videogames together
  • Send a text in the morning to help them start the day off right
  • Call from anywhere in the world while you’re away on business

Virtual visitation has so many different options that it is an excellent way to stay in touch. So long as you have a landline, cellular service or the internet, you can connect. With the right custody order in place, you’ll have a specific schedule for this time, too, helping you be sure you can connect with your child regularly.

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