Do you need to request a supervised custody exchange?

| Aug 31, 2021 | Child Custody |

Shared custody is the preferred outcome in most modern divorces because it makes things a little easier for the children. Family law judges generally consider keeping both parents involved to be the best decision for the children unless there are serious issues with one parental relationship.

However, shared custody can put a lot of strain on the parents. Custody exchanges can also expose parents and children to certain risks. When might you want to request supervised custody exchanges as part of your parenting plan?

When your co-parent has previously abused or stalked you

You’ll want to protect yourself from your co-parent gaining access to you and your home if they’ve previously abused or stalked you. Supervised custody exchanges that occur in a public place help to limit the risk of your ex abusing you during the exchange. These types of exchanges also minimize the chances of your ex using the shared custody of your children as an opportunity to access information that could lead to further stalking or misconduct.

When your ex has accused you of misconduct

Sometimes, the risk is not that your ex will mistreat you but rather that they will make unfounded allegations about your behavior during a custody exchange. 

It will be much harder for your ex to claim that you did something violent or illegal when witnesses are present or when the exchange takes place in the parking lot of the local police department.

Supervised custody changes may also be necessary for couples who can’t seem to see each other without screaming at one another. Having other people present can help keep you on your best behavior. Considering all your options can make shared custody a little easier and safer for your family.


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