Dressing appropriately for your court appearance

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If you are getting divorced or seeking custody of your child(ren), it is very important that you make a good impression when in court. For most individuals, this will be the first time they are ever before a family law court judge. That’s why your first impression should be a great one.

While the family law courts must keep the minor children’s best interests always foremost in mind, it should be noted that all people — judges included — have inherent biases that may unconsciously affect the way that they rule. Below is some information to consider before your next court appearance.

Dress conservatively

Now is not the time for skin-tight clothing or low-cut tops. Dress as if you were going to a religious service or a job interview. Dark, muted colors are better than loud and colorful attire. Minimize the amount of skin that’s shown by adding a jacket over a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress or top.

Men should wear a tie and a suit coat if they have one. Often thrift stores sell high-quality merchandise that has been gently used before being donated, so try your luck there if your wallet is slim.

Consider the image you portray

If you are seeking to lower or increase the child support payments you pay or receive, keep that in mind when preparing for court. A new hairdo or set of nails can send the wrong message, as can designer suits and pricey Italian leather shoes.

When in doubt, seek professional guidance

Ask your family law attorney to give final approval to your courtroom attire to make sure that you are projecting a winning image. Take any constructive criticism to heart, as the judge holds the keys to custody and spousal support funds.

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