Unsure about getting a divorce? Self-interrogation may help

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Some people seem to wake up one day and know that getting a divorce is the only answer to their marital problems. Others struggle to decide, often wavering between a fierce desire to leave and feeling sure that hope remains.

Uncertainty nearly always accompanies divorce in DuBois, Pennsylvania. The trick for many is to explore deep within themselves to find answers. Self-interrogation can help you explore the reasons you find divorce appealing.

What questions should you ask yourself?

With self-interrogation, nothing is off-limits. However, as a rule of thumb, the questions you pose (and answer) should address the concerns you have about your relationship. To help you make a list of questions, consider the examples below.

Why do I want a divorce? Examples include mistreatment, poor communication, infidelity, growing apart and more.

Am I only using divorce as a threat against my spouse? It is wise to make sure you want to end your marriage before filing the divorce petition.

Have we tried to repair our marital problems? Remember, it takes effort from both spouses to mend a broken relationship.

Do I still love my spouse enough to try a little longer? Sometimes, love can win the day.

Am I prepared for the emotional fallout of divorce? For example, you may experience loneliness, grief and other unexpected emotions.

Am I prepared for the economic effects of divorce? Examples include living with less money and giving up some of your assets.

Am I prepared to help my children through a divorce? Some children benefit from therapy or counseling during and after divorce.

Self-interrogation may not lead to quick and decisive answers. However, it promotes self-exploration that could play a critical role in helping you decide if divorce is the answer. It is also wise to learn more about divorce in Pennsylvania, especially property division laws and procedures.

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