How many people regret getting married?

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When you get married, you’re well aware that it’s a big decision. People will tell you that it’s a life-changing choice, and you probably spend a lot of time thinking about what you want in life. It’s certainly going to be a huge change on numerous levels.

If you go through with it, you may find yourself regretting this choice, and that may make you feel like you’re alone. Everyone else seems to be happy in their marriages. But are you actually alone? Or is this much more common than you would assume?

A lot of people regret it the same day

Certainly, you are not alone. In one study, married couples were asked if they regretted it on the very day that they got married, and one out of every 11 of them said that they did. That’s nearly 10% of these married couples who were having second thoughts before they’d even been married for 24 hours.

There are certainly many more who feel excited about the marriage at first, but that feeling wanes faster than they thought. It may take just a few weeks or months, but it could take years. Studies have found that couples who make it to 5 years tend to regret it less, suggesting that this regret settles in fairly quickly. But it does happen to a lot of people, and you are definitely not an outlier if you’ve wondered if you’ve made a mistake.

If you do decide that your marriage was a mistake and you would like to seek a divorce, then take the time to look into the legal steps necessary to get this process underway. 

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