2 signs your marriage is in major trouble

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Everyone who gets married hopes that their marriage will last a lifetime. While many do, there are some that end in divorce. It’s possible that the end of the marriage will occur as the result of a mutual decision, but one side is surprised by the divorce in other cases. 

Anyone who’s married should learn about some signs that the marriage is in trouble. Being able to see these could help you to take action to save the marriage. When that’s not possible, they can help you know when to get ready for divorce. Here are two of the biggest indicators of a problem:

Disagreements grind to a halt

You may think that an end to unpleasant disagreements is a good thing, but this can actually mean that at least one person in the marriage doesn’t care any longer. There comes a point when a person simply gets tired of arguing and won’t do it, even if there are things that are bothering them. They’ve likely checked out of the marriage emotionally when that happens.

The focus moves away from the relationship

A marriage takes work. While it’s normal to have activities and interests outside of the marriage, those shouldn’t become the sole focus of either person. Having a balance is ideal in marriage. When either party starts to look outside of the marriage for emotional satisfaction, the marriage is in trouble.

If you think that your marriage is ending, you should take steps to prepare yourself for divorce. Gather documentation of the financial state of the marriage, including copies of mortgages, credit cards, and any other debts. You also need to see what type of assets are present and get information about those if possible. This can help you through the divorce process. You may also need other information, so talk to someone ahead of time so you know exactly what you need.

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