What divorce can do that separation can’t

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You may have had a rough couple of months with your spouse. There may be constant arguing, sexual frustration and dissatisfaction in your marriage that’s finally pushed you over the edge. Your marriage eventually got so bad that you started looking into your options and came across the terms divorce and separation. 

Divorce and separation are common terms when the topic of ending a marriage comes up. But what is the difference between divorce and separation? Here’s what you should know:

Separation puts your marriage on pause

Separation, simply, doesn’t end a marriage — even if you try to formalize it with some kind of agreement about your property, income, custody and support issues.

Separation is sometimes easier for people who want to disconnect from their marriage slowly to see if a divorce is what they really want. Some people seek a separation when their religious beliefs conflict with divorce. You and your spouse will live in different houses, drive separate cars and live entirely detached lives when separated — although you can still take advantage of tax benefits for couples.

Separation can make it harder to seek a life of your own. You won’t, however, be able to marry someone else when you are separated from your spouse. 

Divorce rolls the credits on your marriage

In many ways, divorce is a lot like separation, the biggest difference is that your marriage will end. You may feel your relationship with your spouse is beyond repair, causing you to seek divorce. You might even seek to end your marriage because you never wanted to be married. 

You won’t be attached to the life, the assets or the financial obligations you built with your spouse. Divorce is best for people who want to seek out the life they didn’t have in a marriage.

If you’re seeking to end your marriage then you may need to know your options to help find the life you want.

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