Shielding your children from the effects of divorce

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Divorce can impact children in several ways. The sudden change in the family can bear down on them, even though they are innocent parties to the divorce. This can be especially profound if they are too young to understand why their parents have to separate.

While it’s almost impossible to completely shield the children from the undesirable aftermath, there are things you can do to alleviate the impact of divorce

Minimize their exposure to conflict

You might not be on good terms with your co-parent due to some unresolved issues surrounding your divorce. However, do not let it play out in front of the children.

Minimize any kind of conflict by taking things outside the sphere of the children, who are very sensitive and likely to pick out the negative energy.

Do not play the blame game

The children are likely already confused about the whole situation. Pointing fingers will only make the situation worse. Find a way of explaining the reasons behind the divorce without blaming your co-parent. If anything, reassure the children that they are not the reason behind the separation so they don’t internalize any blame.

Try to maintain the status quo

A lot of things are bound to change following a divorce, socially and economically. However, try and minimize these disruptions to your children’s life. 

Maintain similar rules across both homes and keep the social events with the children going, just like things were before the divorce. It will go a long way toward easing them into a new life.

Protect their physical and mental well-being

Protecting your children should be your main priority. If you think the children are better off with you due to the circumstances of your divorce, there are several legal options at your disposal that you can use to keep them safe.

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