3 reasons a Pennsylvania DUI could cost you your job

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When a police officer pulls you over for suspicion of impaired driving, there will be numerous potential consequences. Your driving record, your criminal background and even the presence of other people in your vehicle can play a role in what charges and penalties you face when charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) offense.

Many people focus so much on the risk of going to jail that they completely overlook the possibility of career consequences after a conviction. A drunk driving conviction could easily have a negative impact on your career. It could potentially even cost you your job. What are some of the reasons that a drunk driving offense could affect your profession?

You may not be able to drive

Whether you perform sales calls to local restaurants or do in-home repair work for air conditioners, your ability to drive may play a role in your ability to do your job.

If you lose your license because of a drunk driving conviction, you may no longer be able to fully perform your job responsibilities. There is the added possible risk that your employer might no longer be able to ensure you if you drive one of their vehicles, even after you get your license back.

You could lose your professional licensing

A drunk driving charge can affect your professional license. Even if you get arrested while in your personal vehicle, you will still become ineligible for a commercial driver’s license.

Professions that don’t involve driving also require licensing, and you could easily face disciplinary action from the state licensing board for your profession after a criminal conviction. If you lose your commercial driver’s license or other professional license, it may be an uphill battle to get back to work.

Your employer may have a zero-tolerance policy

Some companies have firm rules against criminal convictions and will terminate an employment arrangement with someone with a recent criminal offense. Even if you avoid losing your job, you may have a harder time getting a new one or securing a promotion in the future.

Fighting back against drunk driving charges will help you avoid the potential career consequences that the charge could cause.

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