Why you shouldn’t get a divorce without representation

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People get divorced all the time. So, in your mind, there shouldn’t be any difficulties representing yourself during the divorce process. You may forgo legal help during a divorce because you may have some negotiation tactics and the legal fees may seem expensive.

After all, you know your soon-to-be ex-spouse better than anyone else and legal help will only complicate matters. However, there can be some difficulties when representing yourself during a divorce, especially if your spouse sought legal help to represent them. In fact, the end of the divorce process may cause you to regret not seeking out legal assistance first.

The main advantage of seeking representation during a divorce is that, simply, a divorce is a lot more complicated than what people make it out to be. There are a lot of twists and nuances during the divorce process that you likely aren’t equipped to handle. Here’s what you should understand:

You risk losing your rights

First and foremost, a divorce isn’t just all legal paperwork, you’d require a detailed understanding of the laws and legal system. As such, reaching out for legal help can ensure you’re well within your rights during a divorce. It’s one thing to believe you’re entitled to something during a divorce and another thing to understand everything you’re entitled to during a divorce and why. In short, by seeking out help, you’ll be more informed about your legal options.

You have to divide assets and debt

One of the biggest quandaries during a divorce is figuring out who should own what assets. It’s important to remember that your divorce should end fairly, and that means an even distribution of assets. Yet, you won’t just be discussing what you and your spouse should own but also what you owe in debt.

Your divorce may be longer

It’s no hidden fact that a divorce can seemingly take forever – sometimes lasting as long as a year. However, knowing your legal opinions may help speed up the process. This can be especially true if you and your spouse had a prenup or postnup.

When getting a divorce, you shouldn’t proceed without some kind of representation. Understanding your legal rights can go a long way.


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