4 things to do when talking to kids about divorce

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When people divorce and they have children involved, eventually parents will have to talk to their kids about the changes. 

When talking to your kids about divorce, following these steps can make it easier:

1. Plan out when to have the talk

You should consider carefully the right time for your children to be told about the divorce. If you and your spouse just talked about the situation and don’t have clear plans, then it may be too soon for your children to know. Instead, talking about the divorce once you have more details might help.

Furthermore, talking to your children just before they go to school, for example, may not benefit their time in class. They may be anxious because of the news and perform poorly. Some parents talk to their children after dinner or breakfast when their children feel safe and comfortable.

2. Talk as a family unit

It may be important to your children that everyone talks about divorce at the same time so that nobody learns about the situation second-hand. Plus, if you and your spouse talk with your children together, that can show your children that both of their parents will still be there for them in times of need.

3. Discuss what’ll change

Your children may not fully grasp what divorce means. One way you can help them understand is by talking about what will change after the divorce. For instance, you may mention that they’ll have to change schools or that holidays will be spent in two different places.

4. Let your children ask questions

Children are curious. This partially has to do with how they process information. If your children ask questions about the divorce, you consider answering them the best you can. Some questions you may not have answers. When this happens, you may want to answer them the best way you can, such as saying that things are still being decided.

It’s often crucial to know what legal options you have when divorcing with children. 

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