Signs that you and your spouse may be drifting apart

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If you’re getting divorced, it can be helpful to start learning about your rights and options so that you can make proactive decisions. You can begin planning for divorce before you even file paperwork with the court. For instance, you can start gathering documentation, taking inventory of financial assets and things of that nature.

If you’re not sure about whether you’re getting divorced but the opportunity is on your mind, being proactive is also important. Spotting red flags in your marriage can help you to start taking proactive steps as soon as possible, regardless of what the future holds.

Are you drifting apart from your spouse?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with drifting apart. It happens to couples all the time. They grow up, they change, they have new experiences. But it can mean that two people who were compatible previously no longer are. With that in mind, here are some potential red flags:

  1. Lack of communication: If you and your spouse are communicating less frequently or the quality of your conversations has declined, it could be a sign that you are drifting apart.
  2. Spending less time together: If you and your spouse are spending less time together or pursuing different interests, it could indicate that you are growing apart.
  3. Less intimacy: A decrease in physical intimacy or a lack of emotional connection can be a sign that your marriage is ending.
  4. Frequent arguments: If you and your spouse are arguing more frequently, or if your arguments are becoming more intense or unproductive, it could indicate that there are underlying issues that are driving you apart. You may also feel like every little thing now sparks an argument.
  5. Lack of support: If you and your spouse are no longer supporting each other emotionally or otherwise, it could indicate that you are not as invested in the relationship as you once were.
  6. Indifference: If you or your spouse are no longer showing interest in each other’s lives, you could be drifting apart. This apathetic attitude can apply to many parts of the relationship.
  7. Prioritizing other things: If you or your spouse are putting other things ahead of your relationship, such as work, friends or other commitments, it could mean you’re ready to move on.

Have you seen some of these signs in your relationship? Be sure you know what legal options you have available to you so that you can be empowered as you move forward.

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