Should you add a social media clause to a parenting plan?

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These days, everybody is connected to social media – and it can play an important role in personal relationships and development.

But, how young is “too young” to have a social media presence? The use of social media can negatively affect a child’s well-being, privacy and safety, so including a social media clause in your co-parenting plan is simply a wise decision.

Do you really need one?

Right now, you and your co-parent may agree about what you should and should not be posting online about your child – but that can change. There’s been a big rise in “sharenting,” where parents give extensive details about their children’s lives on social media, and that has led to serious concerns about overexposure and exploitation. 

A social media clause allows parents to set clear guidelines about things like photos, videos and personal details that could haunt their children well into the future. Posting information about the children’s school, hobbies or daily routines can make them a target for sexual predators, so that’s another guideline to address. 

A social media clause just makes sure that both parents adhere to the same rules, which reduces the potential for conflicts between parents. By agreeing to and following a social media clause, you also set the tone for your children and model safe online behavior. 

Incorporating a social media clause into a parenting plan is a forward-thinking approach that addresses the realities of the day – but it’s not always easy to get a co-parent on board. Seeking legal guidance can help you take a strategic approach to these necessary conversations.


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