Could reducing your commute save your marriages?

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If your marriage is going through a rough patch, it might be worth reflecting on what caused it. What changed to take you from the so-in-love newlyweds to this, where you are now?

One thing to consider is your respective commutes. Research has shown that too long a commute can negatively affect a relationship.

A better job may come at a cost

While commuting can earn you more money, it will come at a price. First, there is the cost of running the car and driving all those miles. But perhaps the greater penalty is the time you sacrifice. Let’s say your work day may officially start and 9 AM and finish at 5 PM. An hour’s commute each way could result in your job costing you an extra 10 hours per week.

That’s 10 hours you no longer have to sit and chat with your spouse, play with your kids, help them with homework or help around the house. One study reports that one spouse commuting more than 45 minutes per day will increase the risk of divorce by 40%.

It may be less significant if you have done it for years

The study found that the increased chance of divorce dropped to 1% once the spouse had made that 45-minute or greater commute for five years. Couples who had survived five years with a long commute had typically worked through the issues it caused.

So, could cutting your commute save your marriage? Maybe. If you think it is worth a shot then try to find a job closer to home. If, however, you think your marriage is beyond saving then you may be better off spending your time researching divorce, than a new job.

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