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Our Role In Will And Trust Contests

Wills and trusts can be challenged if someone does not believe they are valid. However, only a party that would financially benefit from contesting a will or trust may do so. This usually only includes close family such as siblings or children of the deceased.

Hopkins Heltzel Attorneys at Law has experience on both sides of will contests and trust contests. Whether you want to challenge a document or protect your loved one’s wishes from another party who contests a document, our lawyers can help you.

To be successful in these cases, you must thoroughly investigate all of the circumstances that surrounded the drafting of the document. Our attorneys can explore every avenue for securing the evidence you need. Once we have investigated, we will handle all necessary paperwork to offer you the best chance at a successful outcome.

When Is A Document Invalid?

In addition to proper evidence and filing, your reason for contesting the will or trust must be valid under Pennsylvania law. Some of the most common grounds for contests are:

  • Lack of sound mind at time of drafting
  • Coercion into signing a document he or she did not want to sign
  • Failure to meet requirements such as having witnesses
  • Signature was forged by another party

Estates and inheritance can be a contentious topic among families. If you suspect your loved one’s estate plan is invalid, or if a family member contests it but you believe it to be valid, contact us right away. We will begin defending your interests.

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