Pennsylvania does let you modify a custody order after divorce

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Depending on the age of your children at the time of your divorce and how much your life changes after you end your marriage, it’s possible that the terms you or the courts set in your custody arrangement may no longer work for your family.

Perhaps your ex who had at one time been able to provide full-time support for the children during the summer will now be going back to work and needs you to more evenly split the parenting time over the summer. Maybe you have received a promotion which means you will no longer travel as much for work and can ask for more parenting time because you will be more available to your children.

It’s also possible that if the courts limited your parenting time due to issues such as having a questionable place to live or struggling with stability during the divorce, your circumstances have since changed. The good news for you and the children you love is that the courts in Pennsylvania do allow parents to request a modification of their custody arrangements when their family situation changes.

You can request them modification with or without your ex’s support

For couples who agree about the necessary changes for the health and happiness of their children, it may be possible for both parents to work together for an uncontested modification. In an uncontested modification, the parents advise the courts of the terms that they believe will best suit their family going forward.

However, you can still get a modification even if your ex doesn’t want you to have more parenting time. Provided that you can show the courts that your circumstances have changed, you can ask them to adjust your parenting plan to reflect your new reality. As with any decision related to child custody, the courts will focus on the best interests of the children when deciding whether or not to grant a modification request.

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