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Reasons To Consider A New Custody Plan

Child custody rights are often one of the most important elements of a divorce case for parents, but arrangements will not always work out permanently. You can petition to modify a child custody arrangement if circumstances warrant a change. However, the change must be in the best interests of the child.

Here are some examples of situations in which you could request a modification:

  • Change in work hours prevents you from giving your kids the attention they deserve
  • Relocation will improve your pay and ability to support your kids
  • Ex-spouse is not following the custody arrangement or visitation times
  • Situations of domestic violence or substance abuse arise

You will undergo many changes throughout your life and your custody plan may need to change accordingly.

We Know How Custody Decisions Are Made

When you want to change child custody rights, you should reach out to a lawyer for guidance. The attorneys at Hopkins Heltzel Attorneys at Law can walk you through the process of filing a petition. You must be able to show a valid reason for the petition and that your suggested change is beneficial to the kids.

With our decades of experience in divorce cases, we know what court considers in custody arrangements. We will draft a petition centered on your children’s needs and on what will work best in your circumstances.

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