Is it possible to modify your custody schedule?

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You love having your kids with you during the week, but now that your work schedule is changing, you’ll have a much harder time sending them to school on time or getting home before they do. You may need to consider paying for a babysitter or daycare, but that’s not something you want to do.

The other option is to readjust your custody schedule. Your current schedule has you as the primary custodian from Monday through Thursday, then your ex-spouse takes over from Friday until Sunday. Both of you live near the school, but he’s able to get home an hour earlier than you. That would mean that your children would have someone at home waiting for them. 

Is it possible to modify a custody schedule?

Yes, it is possible to modify a custody schedule. There are two main options. The first is to come up with a new schedule by discussing it with your ex-spouse. If he agrees with you and you can come up with a new plan, you can give that plan to your attorney and have it submitted to the court to put it into action. 

If he does not agree with you, then you may need to petition the court for the modification. That could end up requiring you both to go to court and to have a judge determine what the new custody schedule should be. 

For most parents, working out a custody schedule is going to be a better option, so you can come to an arrangement that will work for both of you and consider all of your responsibilities. If you struggle to come up with a new schedule, then you may want to consider negotiating with the help of your attorney.

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