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The Effects Of Protective Orders

It is not uncommon for parties to seek protective orders during a divorce proceeding. Being accused of domestic violence can jeopardize your rights to custody of the children. Unfortunately, your spouse may try to claim you were abusive to hurt your chances of being awarded custody.

If approved, protective orders prevent you from living with or being in contact with your spouse and your children during the divorce proceeding. The orders may be lifted after the divorce is finalized, or they may be permanent protective orders.

Defending Against Protective Orders

Hopkins Heltzel Attorneys at Law defends the rights of those whose divorcing spouses file for protective orders. The opposing party must be able to prove that abuse occurred, so we will explore all evidence surrounding your situation and defend you from the consequences these orders could have on your divorce.

The two most common circumstances we see are:

  • False accusations, which can be challenged in court
  • Ineligibility for orders because actions are not considered abusive

Our attorneys will determine the best way to proceed. With over 50 years of experience in Pennsylvania family law, we understand the impact of protective orders on a divorce case, and we are dedicated to protecting fathers’ rights.

Leave Your Concerns To Us

Our clients are under intense emotional stress during divorce, and being served with protective orders only adds to this pressure. We highly respect our clients’ positions and what they are enduring over the course of their divorce. We want to alleviate your concerns wherever possible, which is why we are always available to answer your questions and explain in detail what you can expect moving forward.

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